Grbl Controller 3.0 Released!

I’ve finished rewriting the zapmaker fork of the GrblHoming project on github – lots of code refactoring to fix bugs and harden the code.

Couple of major cool new features: Native Mac support and ability to reset the Arduino from the user interface – don’t need to hit the reset button on the ‘duino any more.

Check out Grbl Controller on github. Download installers for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Grlb Controller featured on the Shapeoko wiki.

Let me know how it goes!

4 thoughts on “Grbl Controller 3.0 Released!

  1. I’ve been using Grbl Controller 3.0 with grbl 0.8c, getting a new machine working.

    It’s worked very well (so, thanks!), but there is one oddity, which is that the machine has to be re-homed before each run. I think that may be because Grbl Controller resets grbl at the start of each run, and so loses grbl’s notion of the current machine position.

    I presume you don’t need to re-home in the same way, so do you have a way round it somehow ?



    • Hi Richard- Sorry for the delay, but version 3.1 solves the rehoming problem. I haven’t posted a download yet because I’m finishing up 3.2 with other important features. Once 3.2 is done, I will be posting new binaries. If you have the time and desire, you can build the latest code off github at, which at this point is version 3.1.2. My goal is to have versin 3.2 binaries out by the end of this week. Thanks!

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