Grbl Controller 3.2 released

After getting bogged down in the subtleties of some new features and extensive testing, Grbl Controller 3.2 is finally released. Notable enhancements:

  • Support for what I call “Aggressive Preload” – during a file send, sending as many commands as the input buffer of Grbl will hold. This uses the same kind of logic as the Grbl project’s Python script. The original, normal send-acknowledge is the default, the new preload approach can be enabled if desired.
  • Z-rate limiting is now fully functional. Any Z-axis command during file send is throttled to the specified option value. Additionally, combined X-Y-Z commands are split into throttled Z-rate and X-Y are send immediately after separately with a feed rate also specified in the options.
  • Logging has been greatly enhanced using the Log4Qt library (which mimics the log4j java library).
  • Windows and Linux users now have a File > Exit menu. All menus now have accelerators.
  • Optimized the status list view behavior to not bog down the system, particularly on slower Raspberry Pi systems. One downside is that there is no horizontal scrollbar, however, if you enable file logging, you can see all log information that way.
  • Fixed a lurking problem with Windows builds (it probably never manifested itself previously but with preload, it showed up on a fast system) – the QextSerialPort library needed to be tweaked to not leave the serial send timeout at 10 ms, but was changed to a hardcoded 500 ms. This is because at 10 ms, sends would timeout and data would sometimes not be sent.

All other enhancements/bug fixes can be found in the README file on github.

Executable binaries have been moved from github to this site because github is phasing out binary download pages. You can find Mac and Windows binaries; Linux/Raspberry Pi binaries must be built from source.

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