Shapeoko reconfigured with dual Y drives

I’ve managed to get my Shapeoko working with dual Y servos – why? I was getting tired of the undriven side sloshing around whenever I tried to work harder material. I ordered the extra drive kit from Inventables – it came with some extra hardware that I didn’t need and was missing a part (which i found a substitute for in my parts bin), but overall happy with the purchase.

Since the stepper they provided was not matched to the ones I ordered (I had purchased the mechanical kit only and sourced my own steppers), I repositioned the existing stepper and made the new one the Z-axis. Only issue is that the voltage setting on the Pololu driver isn’t right – the stepper runs a little warmer than I’d like. I need to tweak the pot slightly to bring down the current.

Check out the swapped red/blue wires on the A axis (upper right) so the stepper runs in reverse.

Hoping to do a more extensive writeup of the transformation.

Side note: I tried to run the 6×6 inch calibration pattern (, but it doesn’t fit into my Shapeoko’s working area – it is about 1/4 inch too small. Will need to edit the original design and try again.

Using Amazon S3 and getting logs

I’ve been using S3 to host my Grbl Controller downloads. So far I like it.

I just started using S3 Browser (free for non-commerical) and am liking it. It appears to be Windows-only, though.

I use it to upload binaries and download logs. After I download the logs, I delete them on the server so I can keep track of what I have already downloaded. Funny thing is I can’t find any good log processing tools that don’t require lots of manual setup. There is one online tool that looks good, but it is $5 a month, not worth it for the kind of use pattern I have.

Simple solution: Download notepad++ and do a search through the logs using regular expression. Go to Search > Find in Files and I use this expression to find all executable downloads (Mac or PC): GrblController3\d+

There will be duplicate entries, but you can usually deduce easily that from the log info.

Works well enough to tell me that I’m getting about 1-4 downloads a day, about 80% Windows, 20% Mac.