Using Amazon S3 and getting logs

I’ve been using S3 to host my Grbl Controller downloads. So far I like it.

I just started using S3 Browser (free for non-commerical) and am liking it. It appears to be Windows-only, though.

I use it to upload binaries and download logs. After I download the logs, I delete them on the server so I can keep track of what I have already downloaded. Funny thing is I can’t find any good log processing tools that don’t require lots of manual setup. There is one online tool that looks good, but it is $5 a month, not worth it for the kind of use pattern I have.

Simple solution: Download notepad++ and do a search through the logs using regular expression. Go to Search > Find in Files and I use this expression to find all executable downloads (Mac or PC): GrblController3\d+

There will be duplicate entries, but you can usually deduce easily that from the log info.

Works well enough to tell me that I’m getting about 1-4 downloads a day, about 80% Windows, 20% Mac.

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