Grbl Controller 3.0 Released!

I’ve finished rewriting the zapmaker fork of the GrblHoming project on github – lots of code refactoring to fix bugs and harden the code.

Couple of major cool new features: Native Mac support and ability to reset the Arduino from the user interface – don’t need to hit the reset button on the ‘duino any more.

Check out Grbl Controller on github. Download installers for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Grlb Controller featured on the Shapeoko wiki.

Let me know how it goes!

Let’s get things rolling

My first goal with this site is to get info up on building the shapeoko kit. What is it? An inexpensive CNC milling machine.

I’ve managed to start with the basic $200 mechanical only kit. From there I bought the parts, scavenged from the junk bin, etc. and got the unit working.

Wanting to use Linux, I rewrote a neglected cross-platform gcode sending tool, which has been posted to github.

I am now in the middle of using the shapeoko on one of my projects, a rebuild of an old dobsonian telescope.