Grbl Controller 3.6.1 Released for Windows

I’ve put a new Grbl Controller 3.6.1 installer for Windows up on the download site. Note – there is and will not be any version of 3.6 installer.

There is an important change in how position information is handled in 3.6.1:

Manual/Jog control defaults to new mode which doesn’t update the position. This was done to ensure that jog motions are as fast as possible. However, if you want to have the original 3.5.1 and earlier behavior, go to Tools | Options | Display and change radio button to “Always Request but without Idle Check”. Sending files still updates position, it is only manual/jog that does not.

Eventually this will be fixed to have fast performance and display updating but this is a compromise for now.

3.4.6 Stable Release of Grbl Controller

I added some minor fixes and improved stability in 3.4.6. Additionally, I built a PC and Mac version. From my experience with it, I would recommend using 3.4.6 at this time for PC, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

Note – if you have many (hundreds of) lines of gcode, the Raspberry Pi version can bog down when it refreshes the status window (this was due to a fix I put it to show horizontal scroll bars). I am looking at fixing this by either limiting the maximum number or removing the horizontal scroll bars when building for Linux.

Back from Summer vacation – Released 3.4.4 Grbl Controller

3.4.4 is out – you can scale the window and the widgets scale with it, which is nice since you can maximize the window and get all kinds of detail or bring it down to around 640×480 and run it on small monitors.

Also, contributor LETARTARE has added fourth-axis support which I have incorporated as a checkbox option. My merge of is not fully tested, but once I have a handle on it, more will be forthcoming.

And – I’ve compiled a Mac version – find it up on the download site.

[UPDATE - I released 3.4.5 to correct a problem with not being able to reopen the port after closing it among some minor UI issues]

Here it is at 633×477 size: