CNC Project GCode

Here are some example gcode I’ve developed. They are mainly to look at as examples of things you can build.

Choke Knob - a friend’s 10HP outboard motor had a broken choke knob. I built him a new knob using Delrin. Note – the speeds in this file are slightly too fast for Delrin.

Servo Ring Adapter for manual Lionel track switch - used to connect a servo to a Lionel switch (points) converting it to an automatic switch (and easily controllable from an Arduino). See my train project.

3 thoughts on “CNC Project GCode

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  2. hello zapmaker.
    I am a newbie, and i am willing to make a cheap CNC lathe machine using arduino uno and grbl controller. what i have done so far is that i have downloaded the hex file from and uploaded it using Xloader. but my aruino uno does not work on it.with the hex file uploaded, all of my outputs are high for the time except 4 pins, which does not change whatsoever.
    Please help me with this.

    • I noticed you posted multiple places on my site. I am responding with the same response so that people can see it no matter which page they visit.

      First, make sure that Grbl Controller is communicating with Grbl. If you are seeing output in the status window when it connects, that is a good first step. If you type into the command box g0 z10 the Z work coordinates should update to 10.000.

      Look at connection diagram:

      When I gave the g0 z10 command, pin 7 goes high. When I gave the g0 z-10 command, pin 7 goes low. Pin 4 shows PWM on my oscilloscope. This is with version 3.6.1 of Grbl Controller and 0.8c of grbl on an Uno.

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