How to build Grbl with new Baud Rate

If you want to run Grbl at 115200 baud instead of the default 9600, you need to build from source.

Grab the source;

git clone

Edit the file config.h, then search for BAUD_RATE and change the value from 9600 to 115200 and save.

From this site:

it sent me to download WinAVR, which allows me to build code for the Atmel processor

I had some trouble getting the installer to finish, but once done, open a command window to the grbl folder that you created via git and type


All the code should compile pretty quickly and you’ll have a hex file


Use ArduinoUploader to upload to your Arduino and use Grbl Controller 3.4 to verify that you can run with the new baud.


3 thoughts on “How to build Grbl with new Baud Rate

  1. When I use XLoader to upload Grbl it seems to freeze up when set at 9600. The only way that it completes the process is if it is set at 115200. When I get everything connected nothing happens. . . Any ideas or advice?

    Arduino Uno R3 (Atmega328p)
    Grbl Controller

  2. I did succed in getting Xloader to upload Grbl, I succeeded once I installed dotnet 4.0
    and I selected 115200 baud rate.
    Hope it works for you


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