A. Installing Qt (Windows/Mac/Linux)

I’m slowly updating the instructions to keep up with Qt changes. In case the info below doesn’t work, see old instructions here.

I recommend you go to qt-project.org and download from there. As of this writing 5.2 is available.

The Qt Project provides both open source and commercial versions of Qt. There are certain restrictions if creating a commercial application with Qt.

NOTE: References to opening Grbl Controller’s .pro file in Qt Creator imply that you have installed git (sudo apt-get install git) and then did a git clone https://github.com/zapmaker/GrblHoming. A folder called GrblHoming will be created and inside of it will appear the .pro file along with all the source files.

Linux (Simplified using QtCreator to build, also includes running Grbl Controller instructions)

Tested with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit.

  1. Open terminal window and install OpenGL: sudo apt-get install libglew-dev
  2. Download the appropriate Linux installer from Qt Project (32 or 64 bit)
  3. In terminal window cd Downloads folder and chmod 764 (filename downloaded)
  4. Execute the installer ./(filename downloaded)
  5. Accept all the defaults in the window that comes up until Qt is installed – it will launch Qt Creator

To continue from here and build and run Grbl Controller, visit this page.

To build using command line, see old instructions here.


See old instructions for now


See old instructions for now


2 thoughts on “A. Installing Qt (Windows/Mac/Linux)

    • Currently the software has English and French translations (the language shows based on current OS language) when starting. I’m always looking for more translators. The procedure is to generate a language file from the code, then manually translate and provide me the file, I’ll include it with the next release.

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