Installing Qt on Mac (Old instructions)

Please note – these are possibly outdated instructions. Use with caution!

There are two options for developing Qt applications, download off the Qt Project web site or the Nokia web site.

Qt Project:

Nokia (recommended):

The Qt Project provides both open source and commercial versions of Qt. There are certain restrictions if creating a commercial application with Qt. The Nokia version is essentially the same except that it is about 100 times faster to get setup since you don’t need to build sources or install MinGW. As of this writing it appears that Nokia recently began requiring an account to download their SDK.

Since the Qt Project installers are more complicated, instructions for Qt Project downloads are given here.

NOTE: References to opening Grbl Controller’s .pro file in Qt Creator imply that you have installed git (sudo apt-get install git) and then did a git clone A folder called GrblHoming will be created and inside of it will appear the .pro file along with all the source files.


[Updated for 5.x]

For normal 5.x development, download the installer from Previously I recommended downloading the SDK from Nokia, but this is not necessary. For special 32 bit development to support older OSX, download 4.7.3 carbon installer from Nokia’s ftp server linked from Qt Project.

You may also build from sources by downloading the Qt libraries from the Qt Project web site.

If you already have been running with Nokia’s 4.x and wish to upgrade to 5.x, do the following:

  1. Go into <userfolder>/QtSDK
  2. Run SDKMaintenanceTool
  3. Choose the “Remove all components” option. In my case it was version 4.7.2 (removal can take some time to complete)
  4. Download the 5.x installer for the Mac from qt-project and run it; choose the defaults; The files will be stored into a different folder than before, i.e. <userfolder>Qt5.1.1
  5. Refer to the following sections on how to build


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